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Tara Hill-Starks


Grandma, I Got This!

JJ is an active young boy who loves to swim and play outside. But most of all, he loves his Grandmother. He listens to his Grandmother because she is an adoring and wise woman.

Grandma tells JJ to love everyone, care for his things, share his things, give to others, count his blessings, be honest, and do his best.

Green GO, Red STOP!

JJ and his friend CC venture out into the neighborhood on their bikes. They meet friends and encounter life challenges that make them think about their choices. JJ and CC must make decisions based on kindness, helping others, and honesty. 

JJ is guided by his fascination of traffic lights and the valuable life lessons his adoring and wise grandmother taught him. Along the way, JJ remembers what he has learned. Will JJ and CC make good choices?